Ready for the Wedding of Your Dreams?
The Psagot winery is here to make your dreams come true.

Overlooking the primordial landscape of the Judean mountains, our elegant event venue brings together rustic stone elements with a modern aesthetic to create a beautiful yet intimate setting for a magical experience.

The CHUPAH takes place in the winery’s grassy garden, overlooking primal mountain sceneries.

The wine cellar reflecting through the venue’s floors creates a warm and mysterious ambience.
The combination of sensuous wine aromas rising from the cellar, delectable culinary delights, and magical atmosphere is an infallible recipe for a night your guests will never forget.


Our experienced staff is there for you every step of the way, to produce a most memorable  and unforgettable wedding.


Contact us to find out more.
You’ll be surprised to hear our prices!

Consult us to find out more about our events and plan the perfect celebration together.

אירועים ביקב אירועים ביקב אירועים ביקב
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