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The Psagot winery’s visitor center offers stunning views over a primordial mountain range, speckled with the historic ruins of Medieval vineyards and wineries.

We invite you for a fascinating tour of the Binyamin region. Beautiful vineyards, historic remains, primal landscapes, and a fun, luxurious leisure experience at a modern winery are all here – just a short, 15-minute drive outside Jerusalem.

During our tour we’ll learn about the wine made in this region thousands of years ago and how the Psagot winery combines advanced production methods and Biblical-era winemaking traditions. We’ll also explore the incredible story of the Binyamin region, it’s distinct role in Biblical times, and it’s deep connection to the roots of Hebrew settlement, agriculture, and winemaking.

The tour runs for about an hour and includes audiovisual displays, a view of the landscape from our balcony,and a selected tasting of Psagot’s fine wines.

Tours are available in Hebrew, English, French, Spanish, German, and Russian.

* Cheese platters, coffee and cake, or a kosher-dairy meal are available for an extra charge.

Tour Program:

As our tour begins, we’ll step out to the balcony and look out to the breathtaking landscape of the Michmash river and the Judean mountains.

From there we’ll descend to the wine terrace – a unique wooden chamber located inside the wine cellar – where we’ll get an up-close look at the barrel room and production facility andsoak in the scent of the wine. We’ll learn about the winemaking process and the nascence of Israeli settlement in the Binyamin region in an audiovisual presentation.

Next, we’ll taste some of the fine wines of Psagot. Guests will sample a selection of wines made in the Binyamin region and learn about the secrets of wine tasting.

The presentation is projected upon aging wine barrels in a cozy and rustic setting. The visit to the wine terrace, including the wine tasting and audiovisual presentation, runs about 30 minutes.


The tours take place at fixed hours and by appointment only.
*We operate according to the health department regulations.

Contact us: 02-9979333 | [email protected]

Opening hours:
Sun.–Thu. 09:00–17:00; the last tour starts at 15:00.
Fri. 09:00–13:00; last tour at 12:00

We are open on Chol Hamoed Sukkot for tours, wine tasting and cheeses platter by appointment,  (we have a sukkah in place) 02-9979333 | [email protected] 

We look forward to having you join us on one of our unique tours. Contact us and schedule your visit. Contact Information or call us at : 02-9979333

Opening hours:

Sun.–Thu. 09:00–17:00; last tour starts at 15:30. Fri. 09:00–13:00; last tour at 11:30 * All buses from Jerusalem to Binyamin region stop close by.

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